5 Eating Habits of The Highly Fit 

They Are Always Eating

Don’t you just hate it?! You know what we are talking about, those incredibly fit individuals who seem to always be eating. Guess what? That is the key to nutritional perfection, and kicking your metabolism into overdrive. When you eat, your metabolism increases to handle the caloric intake.

So when you spread your daily calorie count over 5 or 6 main meals and snacks, your fat burning furnace is shredding fat and calories all day long. Make sure grains, veggies and fruits are the main focus here. Unlike sweet, fatty and fast foods, your body can never “overeat” fruits and vegetables, and they boost heart health and overall fitness.


They Eat for Fuel More Than They Eat for Fun

Food is fuel. You probably don’t ask your car, truck or SUV which brand or type of gasoline tastes the greatest. So why do you employee the flavor over function rule when fueling your own body? Everyone loves the incredible sensation of tasting their favorite food. And when you are fitter than most everyone else, the reward is, you can enjoy more of your favorite foods, even if they are not that good for you.

But most of the time, really fit people eat for fuel rather than fun. What foods should you target? Avocados, walnuts, salmon (wild caught), oatmeal and berries reduce your risk of contracting heart disease, and also form a great basis for a healthy body.


Very Little Sugar, Salt and White Flour

Processed and refined sugar, salt and white flour are single-handedly responsible for much of the obesity and overweight epidemic on our planet. They are also cardio-stoppers, promoting a long and scary list of heart diseases and ailments. Accordingly, those individuals that look and feel exceptionally fit eat very little to none of those dangerous and even deadly “food” items. Cut back a little at a time, and you will see, and feel, exceptional benefits.


Breakfast Is a Must

If you want to be fit, breakfast is an absolute requirement. And not just any breakfast. Protein in the morning tends to make you eat less throughout the day. When you combine this fitness habit with the first on your list, eating frequently, you begin to regulate a healthy metabolism and gastrointestinal process.

This means that the exercise habits you will start using, which we will mention in a minute, give you a greater chance of achieving your fitness goals. Oatmeal, eggs, whole grain bread and a little heart-healthy fat like extra virgin olive oil make great morning starters.


You Always See Them Drinking Water

H2O, the stuff of life. Your body, as well as planet Earth, is comprised of roughly 65% water. No real difficult math here to master. You need water … lots of it. Your muscles need the oxygen it delivers after your workout. Your body needs it to keep your skin, hair and bones healthy. It helps promote a healthy circulatory system.

It allows your heart to beat healthy. This simple and cheap or free fitness requirement is so necessary that humans will die in 3 or 4 days without it, while you can last more than 30 days without food. Start chugging.

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