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Skinny people…they seem to be everywhere. On tv, at the grocery, in the movies, billboards, and at the beach. They make it look easy to look the way they do. You see her at Starbucks while you are ordering your tall black decaf coffee, (because you know, every calorie counts). Meanwhile she is ordering a Venti caramel frapp, loaded with whipped cream and sugary goodness. It just doesn’t seem fair. Here you are counting calories and hating your weight controlling life and there she is downing your favorite drink and wearing skinny jeans. You tell yourself that you have kids, you can’t help the way you look. Then you notice she is pushing a stroller with two small babies. How does she make it look so easy you ask yourself? You make a mental note that this is your new worst enemy,


In all honestly though, we are all busy, we all have kids to chase and jobs and crazy hectic lives. And as much as we might hate to admit it, there is nothing wrong with being a skinny chick, she works for it. Don’t think of them as skinny people, think of them as healthy people. Not all skinny people are healthy of course, but most are. And while it is true that some skinny people spend hours at the gym, the real secret to getting thin and staying thin isn’t found in the gym, but in the kitchen.


Food is fuel. It is what keeps us running when we want to stop. It is what keeps germs, infections and other sickness away by keeping our immune system strong. Food can work for us or against us which is why it is so important that we watch everything we put into our bodies.


But you already know that, that’s just common sense. We all know what we eat affects our looks and our health. The trick isn’t learning why you need to eat healthy, the trick is learning how to eat healthy.


Most healthy recipes are a bear. It is a bear to find the ingredients, it is a bear to prepare everything, (usually from scratch as processed foods are a no no), and it is a bear to clean up after you are done.


No matter how badly we want to be healthy, most of us just don’t have time for all of these ‘bears’, not when there is work to be done and kids to chase and a house to hold together.


The issue isn’t that we don’t want to be healthy. The issue is that many of us don’t have the time to be healthy. Sure, there are billions of books and programs that all swear that having a healthy lifestyle won’t put a dent in your already busy schedule, but they are able to think that way, being healthy is their job…they literally get paid to be healthy. Unlike you they aren’t trying to change their lifestyle in addition to an already exhausting workweek.


You might not have all of the answers, but what you do have is a desire to be healthy and feel good about yourself. A desire to know that you are doing the best that you can to give your family the gift of health. And when you combine that desire with a few simple tricks, you will be able to stay healthy and feel better about yourself without adding more stress to your already busy day.


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